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    Welcome to Mathematics on a Page - Preparing for a Deep Dive

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    Let's get started!

    • Session 1 - Pupil, Parent and Staff Voice

    • Session 2 - Intent

    • Session 3 - Fluency, Reasoning and Problem Solving

    • Session 4 - Implementation

    • Session 5 - Intervention

    • Session 6 - Impact

    • Session 7 - Cross Curricular Links

    • Session 8 - Cultural Capital

    • Session 9 - OFSTED Considerations

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    Next Steps...

    • Summary

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Social proof: testimonials


I have genuinely never felt so empowered after a course! I have an action plan in my head and I feel I now know what I need to do next. Totally loved it! Thanks so much.

Very Informative

Lots of ideas, questions and thoughts to take back (and find) in school. A great way of organising everything in one place to make it not seem scary.


This will help with a Deep Dive in maths at our school and will help me feel confident and prepared.

Very thorough training

Very thorough training which will support me in future inspections and support my role as subject lead to continue to enhance the teaching of maths in our school.